Thank you!

I am so grateful to everyone who has contributed time, energy and money to this campaign! One of the best things about Shorewood is how much people care about local elections and care about our school district. 

How you can help:

VOTE April 2! Make a plan to vote, and go with friends, whether you take advantage of early voting or go in person. If you're headed out of town and won't be in town April 2, make sure you get your absentee ballot! Check that your friends are all registered to vote and have a plan for when they're voting and how they will get there. Local races here have been decided by razor thin margins -- your vote matters!

Contribute to the campaign: Early money will go to fund our first mailers and lawn signs. You can drop off a check made out to Friends of Emily Berry, or mail to 1304 E. Lake Bluff Blvd. in Shorewood.  Or click to contribute onlineE-mail me  if you have questions.

Volunteer to knock on doors for me or with me: I'll be canvassing a lot between now and April 2, and it's more fun the more people I have to help. It can be chilly work, but after knocking hundreds of doors in 2017, I can count on one hand the people who were less than warm and kind to me. It's fun to meet your neighbors! If you're interested, you'll have help in identifying which doors to knock and what to say, so if you are nervous, don't be.

Sport a lawn sign in front of your house: I can't even count the number of compliments I've received on my logo and sign -- (thanks to my dear friend Candy Phelps, who is a genius designer). I think they're pretty, so I hope you'll be proud to plant one on your lawn. Email me to let me know if you'd like to receive a sign, and feel free to request more if you think you can convince family, friends and neighbors in Shorewood to take one as well. There's no charge for a sign, but if you'd like to make a contribution to offset the cost, $20 pays for one for you and one for a neighbor.

Attend events to hear from all of the candidates: Keep your eyes peeled for announcements here, on facebook and on my blog -- there should be multiple events, and it is wonderful to see friendly faces at any and all of them.

Talk to your friends and neighbors: You might be shocked to hear this, but not everyone gets excited about local government. A lot of folks will have no idea who to support for school board. If you think there are good reasons to vote for me, share them. It will mean more coming from you than it will on a flyer from me.